Dead Ends

130 Project

Instead of thinking of a dead end as being the place where something is terminated, they are more where anything becomes possible as you step into unknown territory. Here are 7 musical landscapes that will hopefully let you explore beyond your own boundaries.

Instrumentation (for my tech friends) consists of: Oberheim XPander, Hammond A100, & Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.

1. As Near as You Wish 08:20
2. When She Thinks of Him 08:29
3. In the Mist 07:56
4. All That Was Left Behind 08:52
5. 3 Steps Closer, 100 Miles Apart 08:48
6. Stasis 08:58
7. Adrift 08:16


Recorded/Mixed/Performed by Martin Kearns
Mastered by Larry Anthony @ COS Mastering
Cover art by Juli Kearns

Released March 22, 2016

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